Courtesy Inspection

We check every major system on your vehicle

To reduce the chances of unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs, your vehicle’s major operating systems need proper and periodic inspections. Wheel Works makes it easy with nearby locations, convenient hours and friendly expert technicians. We always offer our customers free courtesy checks with every visit. And if you require a more thorough inspection, we can perform a Complete Vehicle Inspection.


Your vehicle manufacturer recommends regular and complete inspections of the major systems. Our Complete Vehicle Inspection includes a hands-on inspection of the brake, steering/suspension and exhaust systems to make sure they meet your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. Anytime you visit us, we’ll provide you a free courtesy check of your vehicle. This free check includes a visual inspection.

Diagnostic Services

We take care for your vehicle


ERIC Import Engines in Garland, TX Specializes in Import & Foreign Vehicle Service. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to service and repair the most challenging import and foreign vehicles. Using the latest technology to assess the situation and offer you alternatives, we guarantee all of our work and know you will be happy with the outcome.

We perform scheduled services for import and foreign vehicles, and provide complete repair services including tires, alignments, brakes, front ends, rear ends, transmissions, diagnostic services, engine diagnostics and repairs, electronics service and repair. We have factory level diagnostic equipment and trained technicians for your import service needs.

Engine Repair

We can fine-tune your car

Our highly trained team of ASE Certified technicians will quickly and efficiently determine the cause of your import engine or transmission troubles and have the problem resolved before you know it. Trust us to provide quality engine repair, auto repair and transmission repairs at highly competitive rates. Speak to our engine and transmission repair team in Garland today and discover the ERIC Import Engine and Transmission difference.

We can handle any issue related to your imported vehicle, including engine repairs, transmission repairs and auto repairs as well as tune-ups, scheduled maintenance, A/C service, brake repairs, exhaust and muffler repairs. To make an appointment or if you have any questions regarding our import engines, transmission and auto repair services, simply give us a call in Garland and we’ll have you moving again in no time.


Pricing Table

Here you can see what we have to offer and an estimate of what you mght have to pay

Here’s a quick overview of the average cost.

Service For Car For Truck
A/C Service and Repair $$ $$$
Batteries $$ $$$
Electrical System $$ $$$
Engine Services $$ $$$
Fuel System $$ $$$
Oil & Filter Change $$ $$$
Drivetrain & Suspension $$ $$$
Maintenance & Repair Services $$ $$$
Scheduled Maintenance $$ $$$
Power Steering $$ $$$
Check Engine Light $$ $$$
Alignment $$ $$$
Tire Rotation $$ $$$
Brakes $$ $$$
Cooling System $$ $$$
Transmission Services $$ $$$